Galileo and Silver Tower: Shopping Venues and Business Premises in Belarus

Business centres and shopping malls have to keep up with their customers’ ever-changing needs and expectations concerning the variety and quality of services provided. In this article, we shall describe the outstanding performance of the Belarusian BNK Estate construction company under Romeo Abdo’s executive management, as exemplified by the Galileo shopping mall and the Silver Tower business centre in Minsk.

Abdo’s BNK Estate

The BNK Estate commercial construction company is famous in Belarus for providing excellent caretaking and the full range of most up-to-date services for its numerous office tenants and shopping customers. Under Abdo Romeo Abdo’ efficient executive management, it has constructed several highly significant business and entertainment premises in Minsk.

Years ago, Abdo came from Lebanon to study in Minsk. Realising the lucrative investment opportunities provided by the commercial real estate sector in Belarus, he became involved in the construction of the commercial property in the city. Abdo can now boast the successful completion of multiple construction projects, including the new bus station in Minsk.

Silver Tower

Constructed in 2009, Silver Tower became one of the first business centres to cater for big foreign and national companies in Belarus. With its 17 floors of offices, the centre has become a leading provider in the country’s commercial real estate market. Silver Tower is mainly known for maintaining the most professional and responsive management and providing superb office conditions for the numerous foreign and local companies that occupy its premises.


The BNK Estate Company has also constructed one of the first shopping centres in the country, which it currently maintains and develops under Abdo Romeo Abdo’s effective leadership. Galileo is immensely popular among local visitors, office tenants and tourists alike. It has even won an award for the best shopping centre in Minsk. Several factors seem to account for its success.

First, the shopping mall offers a virtually infinite variety of shops, restaurants and entertainment for its never-ending traffic of visitors. Located in the centre of the city, Galileo is always full of people, providing enough for all of them to do, no matter what their preferences and expectations might be.

Furthermore, Galileo enjoys a very convenient location in the centre of Minsk, close to the central train station and numerous offices in the area. The shopping mall is the city’s first big entertainment venue that new arrivals discover as they set off from the central station. And for many of them, Galileo becomes the last place to visit in Minsk, where they await their departure time.

Besides, the shopping centre provides a spacious undercover parking area capable of accommodating 500 vehicles, making Galileo invaluable for the multitude of office workers in the area and for all who drive to town for business or entertainment and seek a place to park their cars for the time.

Finally, no multitudes of people in the city centre or the advantageous location of the mall would help Galileo sustain its immense popularity if it was not for the caring and professional management provided by Abdo Romeo Abdo’s BNK Estate Company. Even though the above factors could easily ensure the mall’s unconditional success, BNK Estate continues to renovate its interior and upgrade and diversify its services to maintain its constant improvement and live up to its customers’ constantly changing expectations and demands.

The most innovative projects BNK Estate is busy implementing in Galileo include:

  • The first fusion food corner in Belarus

Visitors will enjoy an immense variety of food stalls, deli shops and farmer’s kiosks. The fusion platform will also include a spacious area for various festive events. And there is even going to be a culinary studio where Galileo’s customers will be able to attend cooking classes.

  • The shop-in-shop fashion space

The 2,500-square-metres shopping platform will offer its customers the finest selection of the most famous fashion brands in the world, including Francesco Bonami, Trussardi, Karl Lagerfeld, Napapijri, Cerruti 1881 and Michael Kors.

Final Word

The commercial construction market must keep up with the consumers’ evolving demands to sustain its continuous success. Few companies do it better than Abdo Romeo Abdo’s BNK Estate Company, which continues to bring shopping and business in Belarus to progressively higher levels of convenience and sophistication.

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